Sock 4 Pack Gift Set for Women



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This Fair Trade Certified and GOTS (organic) Certified sock set for women will start your day off right. It features three everyday socks in fun patterns as well as a chunky, over-the-knee sock that is perfect to wear over leggings and with boots. The socks are made in a fair trade certified, wind powered factory.

For the basics

Materials: 100% GOTS organic cotton

PACT is committed to excellence in the supply chain…and it starts with your under garments. The non-GMO organic cotton is sustainably grown on farmer-run cooperatives. PACT is a certified B-corporation ensuring good environmental, social, and transparent practices. They are SA-8000 certified which means that workers making Wear Pact items are treated justly. PACT pays a premium to the Fair Trade Certified factories where the items are made. Then, the workers democratically decide how to spend the funds to better their lives and community. Incredible impact can be made by just putting on your socks in the morning.