Darling Magazines, Issue 15 and 16


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Darling Magazine is more of a movement than a magazine; it is “redefining beauty and empowering women”. It contains article after article of inspiring, thought provoking content. It will not disappoint.

For the weekend morning

Offset printed and perfect bound on uncoated paper in the USA.

Darling Magazine explores the art of being a woman through quarterly issues. It is anything but your average woman’s magazine and inspires their reader with every article. Darling never uses Photoshop to alter a woman’s face or body, appreciates beauty in every type of woman, reshapes cultural ideals, encourages self-worth, and does not shy away from deep issues. It is more like an experience than a magazine, so make a weekend morning routine of it. Darling magazine gives a portion of their proceeds to the work of ending human trafficking in the Dominican Republic through their partnership with the International Justice Mission.