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What are kids doing at home around the world? | Covid-19

¿Qué hacen los niños en casa en todo el mundo?
Cosa stanno facendo i bambini a casa in tutto il mondo?
Are your children curious about what kids are doing to keep themselves busy while at home in other parts of the world? #alonetogether

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New videos posted regularly!

Giada- 6, Gemma-5, Luca-3, Rosa-2 in Ancona, Italy are painting on our balcony and their canvas is the wall of our apartment building!

Maria (6) in Huanta, Peru tries on some knitted shorts for her grandma.

A girl in the USA is washing dishes

Jules in Illinois builds the Titanic out of Legos!

A child in Oregon is playing with driftwood on the Pacific coast.

A child in Chicago picks out chapter books.

Kylie (8) in Washington, USA reads She Persisted and other books on Youtube.  Atta girl!

You can listen along here

Piper and Ella in Oregon, USA feed their chicken, have a picnic, and read some poetry.

Indie, Salome, and Fin in Idaho, USA play Just Dance

Lyzee and Zeke in California, USA discuss Pokemon Powers


My girls (6 + 8) are drawing their feet.

New videos posted daily

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