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knitted fingerless childrens mittens
knitted fingerless childrens mittens
knit wool and alpaca fingerless gloves for children
hand knit wool fingerless mittens for children

These fingerless mittens allow for both warmth and freedom. Children cannot be bothered with cumbersome mittens or tedious gloves. They need their fingers free for exploring their world! These mittens are made for indoors and outdoors, so they can keep their hands cozy while writing in the classroom and running around at the park. They are hand knit by women in Bolivia from natural wools, adding texture to that playground look.

  • Dimensions   

    Approximately 8.5" in length.  Fits ages 2-12.

  • Material  

    A soft and warm blend of locally-sourced wool/alpaca blend

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 LA PAZ, BOLIVIA | Women's Co-op

This grass roots group serves women in Bolivia through commerce of craft and skill development.  Natural wools from sheep and alpaca are sourced from their local farm economy.  Fair + Simple is excited to partner with this group's beginnings!