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Peruvian alpaca knit scarf
Peruvian alpaca knit scarf

This long, hand knit scarf will keep you warm without being bulky or itchy.  It is made from ultra fine baby alpaca fibers from Peru and features a classic knit ribbing in a muted greenish grey that blends well with colors or neutrals.

  •  Dimensions  

    15" x 80"

  • Material  

    Certified Fair Trade Peruvian Baby Alpaca

  • Care

    Hand wash with cool water and mild detergent.  Line dry.

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HUANTA, PERU | Women's Weaving Co-op

The co-op of women is comprised of independent artisan women who are skilled in the art of weaving and embroidery with locally sourced wool and natural dyes. This group was formed and is led by widowed mothers. 


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