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Redeem: Ceramic Pour-over Set
Redeem: Ceramic Pour-over SetRedeem: Ceramic Pour-over SetRedeem: Ceramic Pour-over SetRedeem: Ceramic Pour-over Set

For those afternoons when you want just one really great cup of coffee, a pour over set is simple and sophisticated.

This ceramic set includes a coffee dripper and a matching mug. They are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

To use: Place a coffee filter in the strainer and fill with desired amount of coffee grounds. Slowly pour hot water in an inward circle while the grounds balloon. Once the water seeps into the mug, repeat this process with outward circles until the mug is filled.  There should be 3-4 pours total, each lasting about 30 seconds.

  •  Dimensions  

    4.5” x 3.5” | Mug holds 12 oz 

  •  Materials


  •  Origin   

    This ceramic pour over set is made by women in the village of Bat Trang, Vietnam where pottery has a rich history in the community. Craft Link, a non profit organization, works with these artisans to develop and market their products, earn a sustainable living, and keep the traditions of their ancestors alive.

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