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organic cotton wash cloth
organic cotton wash cloth
organic cotton gauze wash cloth crinkled
washcloth natural organic
8 layer organic gauze fair trade wash cloth

Four sets of 10.  Reserved for Nevila.

Eight layers of fair trade, organic cotton form the healthiest wash cloth for your skin.  The natural fibers ever so gently cleanse and exfoliate your body after a day's exposure.  The reusable grid gauze gets softer and more puckered with each wash.

These cloths arrive flat, unprocessed and free of chemicals from farm to face.  Once you launder them, they will blossom into that irresistible "crinkled" texture.

  •  Dimensions  

    Upon arrival, the washcloths measure 9 1/2" x 9 1/2".   After a few washings, the grid weave will become more pronounced until they measure around 8" x 8".

  •  Materials

    100% fair trade and certified organic cotton, Un-dyed

$ 196.00
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TAMIL NADU, INDIA | Fair trade factory

Certified organic cotton is farmed and sourced in India with fair trade wages. It is then milled, cut, and sewn in Tamil Nadu in a fair trade certified factory.


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