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Treasure Tee - There is Treasure in Those Hills

Treasure Tee - There is Treasure in Those Hills

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You either know this child, or were this child. Always collecting acorns and rocks and stuffing pockets full of these nature finds.
This gender neutral tee is inspired by the treasure hunter.

Treasure Hunter

  •  Material  

    For this tee, we were able to utilize dead stock cotton fabric from excess fabric in the fashion industry.

  • Who Made These Clothes

    Fair + Little clothing is made responsibly in the Philippines in a safe space where sewers are paid 2-3x the minimum wage.  The tee is screen printed in the village of Tagaytay by a sewing center for women in need of sustainable employment in a safe environment. This sewing center was created to accommodate their individualized needs as the women heal and build their lives.  Let’s gently open up the conversation with little ones about “who made my clothes?”