The tight weave of this fair trade bath towel makes it absorbent, soft, and remarkably lightweight. The striped design and natural fringe makes a daily household item a work of art while hung to dry in between use.  Despite its oversized dimensions, the slim cotton towel folds compactly into cupboards and drawers.  Suitable for everyday indoor use or weekend outdoor adventures.  This rich hue is a deep cinnamon shade, caught between chocolate and orange.

Dries quickly | Folds compactly | Displays beautifully

The "peştemal" or "fouta" style towel is also a versatile powerhouse for travel and adventures whether you are packing minimally for the beach or maximizing space in your suitcase. Those first moments of an afternoon by the water should be free and light, not weighed down with bulk of your beach bag essentials.  Since it dries quickly, you can wrap up with it when the cool breeze comes in.  The neutral tones of black and bone white add to the scenery without distracting from it.

  •  Dimensions  

    Adult approximately 36" x 72".
    Also available as a hand towel.

  • Material  

    Woven cotton yarn | Machine washable

  • Origin   

    Woven on a pedal loom by women in Sololá, Guatemala

$ 139.00
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Mayan women preserve their rich heritage of weaving and beadwork while earning a fair wage for their artisanal work.


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Also made by women in Guatemala...