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Made by Women Fund

Women knitting Peru
The Made by Women Fund supports women artisans and makers around the world through skill development, proper equipment, and education so their businesses can flourish.

Currently funding:

The Knitting Machine
Cost : $384.60
This knitting machine pictured above is a tool of Maura's, the leader of the women's co-op in Huanta.  During my visit, this machine was out of commission and missing some essential parts.  Local technicians were unable to fix it, and a used machine has already been sponsored to replace her current one.  The Made by Women fund is currently supporting the shipment of this machine to Maura, and her old machine will make a great "parts" machine for future issues.
The automation this knitting machine provides will be a crucial piece of Maura scaling her business.
Every time you purchase from Fair + Simple, a portion of the profits goes to the Made by Women Fund. Additionally, we created a Made by Women print for those who believe that when you invest in a woman it also reaches her family and her entire community.  All of the profits from this print go to the MbW Fund.
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