Expanding perceptions

This past week we toured Crater Lake with dear family friends who were visiting us.  I love taking people here because it's like seeing a shade you couldn't even dream up. This lake has expanded my perception of the color blue.

As it turns out, I need to expand my perception of a lot of things.  The murder of George Floyd in the custody of police has rocked our nation, and it's rocked me.  I acknowledge the injustice and pain of the Black community, and want to do the hard and humbling anti-racism work with Fair + Simple.  Black lives matter.

With White people dominating the power in our country, what are we missing out on?  We need the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to hold equal power and expand the views and perceptions in our nation.


Fair + Simple's Action Plan
(This is just a small beginning.  There is much, much more work to do.)
1. Hire BIPOC women to model products
2. Hire a Black woman to perform an initial and yearly audit on the marketing materials including the website, images, merchandise hang tags, IG, and newsletters (More on her later)

Marcos and 
Susie Gamez have been prominent voices in my life of racial reconciliation for over a decade.  I love these words from Susie to keep "a posture of cultural humility" as I unlearn, learn and grow.  We have much to lose if we don't, and much to gain if we do.

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