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FW22 Equinox Lookbook

Creative direction for the Fair + Simple 2022 fall equinox editorial. Words: natural, movement, authentic, feminine, texture, simple, loud in the details Colors: beiges, browns, cinnamon, olive, brass The three models are local women, mothers and entrepreneurs, we loved getting to spend the day with them and see the products come to life. Jessica Murrey is the CEO of the first activism video game, which just raised its first 1M to launch. Belita is a massage therapist, potter and runs a beautiful hospitality rental in Jacksonville OR. Natalie is an independent model who is passionate about fashion, sustainability, and art. Photography by Rachael Hillis #follow us on instagram @fairandsimple

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The Pedal Loom in Tablón, Guatemala

This April we traveled to Guatemala to visit the weaving and beading co-ops around Lake Atitlán.  In the highlands around the lake, the weaving center Mujeres Analisadores is comprised of 26 Kaqchikel women who specialize in the pedal loom, back strap loom, and beading.  These artisan techniques are completely manual with no electricity.  They are a special part of preserving the Mayan culture and heritage.  What an incredible experience to be in the same room as these talented women who are leaders in their community. Here is a closer look. The Pedal Loom First, the thread for the warp is spun onto cones. The warp threads are being prepared for the loom. The setup is a team effort, especially this...

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10 Fair Trade Goods at Target

Do you want to be responsible with your shopping practices, but unsure of where to begin?   It feels overwhelming, but the best way to get involved with fair trade is to start where you are already shopping. We took a little field trip to our local Target to uncover some fair trade items that are easily accessible, and you may be surprised to learn about what is available at this chain!  Let's celebrate the small steps with them, and respectfully ask for more. They are paying attention to how we vote with our dollar and it counts. Look for these third party certifications on hang tags: International Fair Trade Certification Most often on foods and produce Fair Trade Certification Organization...

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