How to Mend a Hole in Your Wool Sweater

How to mend a hole in your wool sweater. This method leaves behind no bulky knots or loose tails.

 The longer we wear our clothes, the lower its carbon footprint. Mending plays a key role in making our clothes last as long as possible.  It's a tactile way of treating our clothes like investments and not disposables.

When clothing in disrepair is donated to most second-hand stores, it is sorted into bins.  Anything with a hole will very likely end up in the landfill, if not domestically then in Africa where bales of post consumer clothing is sold to a second hand market.

An easy, five minute fix can extend the life of a garment by years!  It's so satisfying and puts us in touch with our clothing.  When we mend something, it becomes more connected and personal to us.  It becomes uniquely ours.

Mend a hole

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