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Stress.  She's a fierce opponent.  I try to find ways to avoid her when I can, but she's like this very overwhelming and overbearing coworker; sometimes you just have to deal with her.  We had a nasty get together last spring, and she got the best of me.  After that, I asked myself and a lot of other people what really helps them when they are feeling stressed.  This treat yoself society says to indulge in some chocolate and wine and she'll go away, but the stress is still there (and now my face is breaking out).  I wanted some real, healthy ways to deal with her; and I found some and wrote them down for when she comes around.   May the best woman win. 

  1. Hiking or taking a walk
  2. Exercising
  3. Getting a good night's rest
  4. Basic grooming (brushing/flossing your teeth, washing your face and feet before bed, showering)
  5. Taking a hot bath
  6. Spending time with a quality friend or two
  7. Making a healthy, warm meal
  8. Straightening up and/or cleaning
  9. Game night with my family [winning]
  10. Recreational, easy reading
  11. Writing a list 
  12. Drinking a glass of water
  13. Deep breathing
  14. Meditating/praying
  15. Journaling
  16. Listening to good music
  17. Turning off my phone (highly effective)
  18. Taking a quiet drive
  19. Writing a handwritten letter to someone on your mind
  20. Seeking quiet 
  21. Doing a hobby
  22. Being in nature
  23. Creating rhythm and routine, particularly in the morning

This list might look better if it was a nice round number 20, but that's not my style.  It's an ongoing list, so when I find something that works for me or might work for someone else, I'm going to keep adding them so please contribute.  That way I can bookmark it and reference it when I'm feeling stressed.

Things that make stress worse:
1. Social media
2. Shopping of any kind
3. Sugar and caffeine
4. Large group activity
5. Unproductive, unfocused work time.

*This list might be a slightly different if you are an extrovert.  Go your own way.

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