Quieted Insecurities

Two days ago I had a mother and her three children over to my home.  I've known her for a year and a half now, but we finally carved out time to connect with each other outside of pickup/drop off time.  The friendship among our kids is the kind I want to foster, so it was high time for this day together.

While I was making lunch, I opened my freezer and four frozen pizzas spilled out.  I felt insecure about this so I indirectly told a draining story about how we normally don't eat frozen pizzas (oh, you know, my husband normally makes homemade pizzas on Friday nights but he's going to be gone for the next five Fridays).  What a waste of words; people don't need it and it's an inappropriate coping mechanism for myself.  I want people to feel comfortable a valued around me and this does nothing to add to that objective.  What would the time have held instead if my insecurity about pizza of all things had been quieted?


When I silence the tongue of my insecurities, I create space for moments of another kind.

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