Why is it called Black Friday

Like perhaps many of you, I have sweet memories of going to the malls together with my extended family on the day after Thanksgiving and seeing generosity and joy modeled to me through holiday giving.   In recent years there has been a growing trend of opting out of this consumer-driven day, and spending time in other ways. I opted-out for several years myself as an adult and I can definitely see the merit of this especially directly following a day centered around thankfulness.   However, my feelings have decidedly changed about Black Friday and I'd like to share why Fair + Simple does a holiday sale.  But first:
Why is it called Black Friday?
It’s called “Black Friday” because in one shopping day, the accounting books for many retail companies transition from being “in the red” (operating at a financial loss) to being “in the black” (turning a profit). This singular retail day is largely responsible for the financial success of a business for the entire year.
So what should you ask yourself when spending on Black Friday? 
-Are the companies investing in what I want them to invest in? 
-And do I want to be a part of them turning a profit on these investments? 
Essentially, your dollars are like a vote.
Every year, people show their support for what we do here at Fair + Simple, and it means that every year we can continue doing the work of investing in artisan craft of women around the world.   Our annual holiday sale is a part of that.
Thank you for all of your support; it is no small thing!
Please use code “holly20” for 20% off your entire order through November 27th, 2023.

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