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8 layer organic gauze fair trade wash cloth
organic cotton gauze wash cloths
Organic Washcloths, Fair Trade Certified
organic wash cloth fair trade cotton gauze

Organic Washcloths, Fair Trade Certified

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Eight layers of fair trade, organic cotton form the healthiest wash cloth for your skin.  The natural cloth ever so gently cleanses and exfoliates your body after a day's exposure.  This reusable grid gauze gets softer and more puckered with each wash.

  •  Dimensions  

    These cloths arrive pre-laundered.  The grid weave will become more and more pronounced after a few washings until it is about 7" x 7".

  •  Materials

    100% fair trade and certified organic cotton, Un-dyed

  •  Origin   

    Grown and milled, cut and sewn in fair trade certified facilities in India.

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