Silk Noil, By the Yard
$ 15.00$ 9.00
  • Oeko-Tex certification, inspected and

    approved by Standard 100

  • The mill pays the minimum wage with healthcare and social insurance.  However, this fabric is not considered fair trade because there is no multiplier of minimum wage for a living wage or a shared profit model.

  • Silk noil is a natural fiber that will decompose at the end of its life cycle.

  • This fabric comes from a woman-owned supplier

  • The raw material for this fiber is not yet traceable, but we're still asking!


Silk Noil

While silk is formed by the long, strong threads of a silkworm, silk noil is made from the shorter fibers leftover from production.  For this reason, it has a nubby-like texture from where these fibers begin and end.  Think of it like the plywood of silks.

Though it feels more like cotton, it has the thermal properties of silk and a good drape.  It is a dream to sew with because of its even weave and low movement.

Poplin "gauze" and caramel: 45" selvage

Black and Natural: 55" selvage

100% Silk Noil

Milled in China

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle.  Line dry flat or tumble dry low.
Up to a 6% vertical shrinkage rate
Up to a 4% horizontal shrinkage rate
This silk noil fiber is a quality, natural fiber with adequate dye certifications.  One it reaches the end of its lifetime as a finished good, it will decompose.  However, the raw materials of this fabric are not yet traceable.

3 out of 5

  • Natural, decomposing fiber

  • Oeko-Tex certification

  • Women - owned supplier

Works with the following patterns

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