The classic linen apron gets better with time, like your cooking.  It adds natural texture to your kitchen when it's not in use, beckoning you to make something wholesome for your family.  A large, divided pocket is securely sewn to the front so you can tuck away a hand towel or timer while keeping your hands free.  A loop and tie form the neck straps making it fully adjustable.

The linen is pre-washed before it is sewn to reduce shrinkage and give it that lived-in look. The weight and strength of this quality flax makes it durable yet flexible and easy to wear for hours without getting in the way.  There is no need to take it off because it subtly adds to an easy look.

  • Materials

    9 oz Linen from 100% European Flax

  • Dimensions

    32 1/2" wide x 31 1/2" tall

$ 59.00
  • Origin
  • Reviews

TAMIL NADU, INDIA | Fair trade factory

Certified organic cotton is farmed and sourced in India with fair trade wages. It is then milled, cut, and sewn in Tamil Nadu in a fair trade certified factory.


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