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How to Mend a Hole in Your Wool Sweater

How to mend a hole in your wool sweater. This method leaves behind no bulky knots or loose tails. The longer we wear our clothes, the lower its carbon footprint. Mending plays a key role in making our clothes last as long as possible.

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17 cents/hour

In Bangladesh, the women are calling on a 17 cents/hour increase to fill the gap in their wages.  But the race to the bottom dictates that a tee should cost less than the price of a peppermint mocha, so they are denied.

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Four Simple Ways to Use a Bread Board

If it's taking space in the kitchen, mothers will tell you it needs to be a power player.  While this wooden board is intended for a loaf of french bread, its elongated form makes a dramatic serving tray.  Try these four ways to use this beautiful, fair trade serving piece.

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