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Spring Lookbook

Creative direction for the Fair + Simple 2020 spring editorial.   Words: natural, movement, authentic, feminine, texture, simple, peaceful, quiet, hands Colors: whites, beiges, blacks, browns, and some cinnamon Photography by Rachel Hillis

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Simple Face Mask Tutorial in English and Spanish

with printable pattern & video tutorial In Spanish and English During the Covid-19 pandemic, makers are stepping up to support community members, workers, and volunteers with homemade face masks. Talent Maker City is supporting this by coordinating supplies and lending machines to makers. They've asked me to make a tutorial and it has been a privilege to work on this! Medical professionals in our area of Southern Oregon are not accepting homemade masks yet, but are in critical need of medical supply donations such as surgical masks, n95 respirators, latex free gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.   Contact to pick up supplies or borrow a sewing machine in order to make masks for our community.   A deep thank you...

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How to Mend a Hole in Your Wool Sweater

How to mend a hole in your wool sweater. This method leaves behind no bulky knots or loose tails. The longer we wear our clothes, the lower its carbon footprint. Mending plays a key role in making our clothes last as long as possible.

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17 cents/hour

In Bangladesh, the women are calling on a 17 cents/hour increase to fill the gap in their wages.  But the race to the bottom dictates that a tee should cost less than the price of a peppermint mocha, so they are denied.

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