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For the love of denim

There are three things I like to buy new as opposed buying used like the remaining clothing found in my closet: undergarments, shoes, and jeans. I have four pair of jeans from two companies: Everlane and Levi.  If I had a more athletic build and liked stretch in my denim, I'd add Patagonia to the mix.  Patagonia recently released a new, workwear style that spun steel into their denim thread - what?! Of all the fibers, denim is the thirstiest.  It uses so much water to grow the cotton and then to dye the fiber.  Any distressing added afterward is really bad for humans if they aren't properly outfitted with masks and ventilation, and doesn't make any sense for our planet.  (I do think...

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Valuable ways to fight against human trafficking

Straight talk - Human trafficking in the United States is everywhere. If you think it can't happen in your area or to a child in your life, then you are already at a big disadvantage especially if that child has access to a smartphone.  I sorted through all the information and training, and wanted to share some valuable ways you can be involved in the fight against human trafficking.     Be Informed The more people that know how to identify human trafficking, the safer our children will be.  It's like an army of protectors.   These may be signs of Human Trafficking: This information is from Shared Hope.   Signs of physical abuse such as burn marks, bruises or...

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A Specific Need

UPDATE ON MARCH 15, 2018: Our match has been met and we have sponsored 1 serger and 2 industrial sewing machines!  Thank you to everyone who supported this one time gift, and met this immediate need.  We are now going for a 2nd serger if someone still feels compelled to give.  It will be used for great things! --- When I was 18, I was given a sewing machine. Well, what really happened is I took my mom's sewing machine to college with me, so she replaced it.  Either way, it was a part of my story and it's going to be a part of this story too.   Last year, a sewing center began in the Philippines.  It is an...

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